Caroline Forbes Comment Ficathon


1. Prompts can be for anything pertaining to Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries --  any ship, slash, crossovers. No limits, no rules. Just go crazy with the Caroline love.

2. Prompt in the comments. Format is thus: Character(s) or Pairing, prompt. (Or, you know, just do what everyone else is doing).

3. When writing fic, put in your comment title: TITLE OF FIC (pairing, rating - optional). This will help us people to know that your comment has fic and will therefore get you more comments. Everyone wins.

4. If you read a fic and like it, leave feedback for the author. It's just a nice thing to do.

5. Promote this if you please

rules are from softly_me 

30 days of shipping meme!

So i've seen this going around and I've wanted to try it myself. A 30 days f shipping meme. never done one before so here i go.

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Day 1: What is your current ship?

Tyler/Caroline from the Vampire Diaries. I just love the idea of these two together. Forbidden Love, werewolf vs vampire thing.

my first picspam!

  You can't tell anyone. OK not about you or me. No one will understand.
I Know.
I want to tell you about my mom and yours and the founding families and the council, but I need you to promise, no one will found out about us. This is life and death Tyler.
I have know one else to tell. I'm sorry about earlier. Its just i'm alone with this, its gotta happen to me on the next full moon, i'm gonna turn and I wont be able to stop it.....I'm scared.

Couple trips this year!

well it looks like I will be taking a couple trips this year. Next firday and my parents and I are going to visit NY to see family. I'm orginally from NY. I can't wait to see everyone. I'm going to be taking a lot of pics.

and then in september i'm planning on going to nasville to see band called port chuck. Which made of three actors from General Hospital. Scott Reeves, Brandon Barash, and Bradford Anderson. I'm mostly going to see Bradford.

this is there website

I've always wanted to go Nasville and its only four hours away where I live so is the perfect time to go!

FIC: Away With Memories

Away With Memories

Author: cmm14513

Rating: Rated R for now might change later.

Summary:  The powers that be mess with Kelly, Shannon, and Gibbs' lives.

Disclaimer:  The Buffy verse belongs to the awesome Joss Whedon, and NCIS belongs to CBS.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to my betas for me helping me out with this story. Hopefully this will be the story that gets done.



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